Thursday, January 24, 2013

finding my true colors

The next spread in my altered-book.
I have piled a lot on my plate creatively lately. I don't normally sign myself up for on-line courses, but I've registered with two and then I have my personal off-line studies and activities. (It's a wonder the dishes get done.) In all this learning and sharing there's a fair amount of audio listening and video watching that's all part of each syllabus I signed up for. I admire the stuff I see Effy Wild doing in her journal pages. What Cat Caracelo talks about in VisionQuest 2013 is hugely inspirational. However, I need to find my own thread in this tapestry.

What do I remember enjoying? Mandala drawing with Judith Cornell and Painting From the Source with Aviva Gold. So, on the next pages of my altered-book journal, the spread was covered in clear gesso. Then the tempera paints were opened and spread on a paper plate. I painted. The lichen from the photo was left, like an island, while white, gold, magenta and turquoise swirled around it. My fingers spread and blended edges of colors, ending with a full hand print on the opposite page.

I don't know what's next, but that's what will make it mine.
Hand print.

A lichen island. A new landscape.

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