Sunday, January 13, 2013

bad hat Sunday

The Bloody Stupid Johnson Failure.
Yes. There it is to the right. Mocking me. I've got my knitting failures and this certainly is one amongst them. I'm not trashing the pattern (Stupid Bloody Johnson), the fault is all my own. However, it is not without excuses (another paving material on that road to Hell). I have a cold. The yarn I chose was not the right yarn. My fingers hurt and the knitting needles bent from the strain of making stitches happen. In my impatience, I decreased to soon without knitting between decreases. (Bennie calls it "declining" ~ perhaps that's the better term here as the project quickly went down hill by afternoon.) So. I fought the yarn and the yarn won. Bennie asked if I was going to correct it or rip it out. Right now, I'm too annoyed to do anything with it. It may become a ferret bed. Trixie had better appreciate the new mohair lining for her basket bed.

If nothing else, I've discovered something about myself. I'm losing interest in dealing with complicated patterns. Gods bless those who rise to the challenge and have better skill. This needs to be a relaxing process for me though and while I like cables as much as the next gal, the simple knit and purl keep me from going insane. I've gathered the rest of this mohair and some recycled silk to make another, simpler hat. Something I can knit in the dark or while watching TV or in my sleep. Simple. Make a hat. No troublesome cables. Maybe a little ribbing.

This Sunday is also seeing the finishing up of a journal spread that's meandered in creation through out the week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's creation. And there's other things on my Creative Plate.

I'll need a nap. I have a cold. Some soup maybe. And someone to actually fold laundry, do the dishes. Perhaps I can prevail upon one of the dogs. Cats don't do anything for anyone and chickens are useless.

Fodder for another, easier hat.

One half of a spread.

With flaps open. Images from Chesca Potter,
The Greenwood Tarot.

The other half of the spread with
today's musings and a quote
from Stuart Wilde.


Ashling said...

Poor thing...I hope you're feeling better.

Ruth said...

I hope you're feeling much, much better by now.

So sorry about the hat . . . and I feel your pain/aggravation/fed-uppedness. Every time I look at a truly complicated pattern, I think, "Should I give it a go, or do I really just want to enjoy myself without endlessly swearing?" My mitts are coming along more or less nicely, but I've put them aside to do something mindlessly easy from a partial skein I had lying around. I don't even know if I'll wind up wearing what I'm making, but it's easy enough to do while Netflix is on, or my mind is elsewhere. I don't need double stitch counters to keep track of repeats and rows.