Tuesday, January 29, 2013

what gets done

The Spread In Progress for my week.

The hazards of a Run-Around Day are NOT getting that time in the studio. Between late laundry and late dinner, I was able to work my latest spread. Luckily, I was smart enough to practice asanas First Thing (after meditation) this morning. Dawn's cells were very happy after yoga. Then we were on the road putting out fires . . . Good thing for yoga/meditation/art. My only bits of sanity.

(Note To the One Who Asked Me About the Buffalo Down: The fiber is short and slippery. In fact, it looks like second-cut stuff so I'm feeling rather gypped on this fiber deal.)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

stuff outside

Thyme in a sleeping garden.
Going outside = less brooding. And I took a few folks with me . . .
Dirk, Crystal and Obiwan. Yes, the cat walks with us.
Ice on the rushing water.
And again here.
My Happy Place . . .
Dirk, Bennie and Crystal on the ice.
Sun, snow and falls.
Spinning up some buffalo down. Not too pleased with
the fiber. I don't know if it's the beast or the processing.
Here's hoping yak will spin up better.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Downton Abbey & SoulCollage®

The table is set for drama and whatever snappy
one-liners Dowager Countess Grantham has to offer. 
Have I mentioned how much I adore Netflix? Let me mention it again: I adore it. Knowing Downton Abbey up to Season Three lives on Netflix gets me through the day. Similar to Upstairs Downstairs (the very first PBS Masterpiece Theater series I ever watched), Downton Abbey is an easy transition with more depth (bigger production, bigger castle) and many interesting side stories. Masterpiece Theater is responsible for making me a bit of an Anglophile ~ though not necessarily a well-informed one. I live in America after all. My shortcomings are woefully apparent as a result.

What added to the sweetness was moving the laptop to the dining table to watch said program and create SoulCollage® cards with Bennie! Made for a lovely afternoon.

The little knit bit from my knitted canvas experiment.

The spread awaiting ruminations with the knit bit.

Bennie's SoulCollage® creations.

And here are mine.

Friday, January 25, 2013

random shots and a play date

Dogs excel at Doing Nothing. Yes, Crystal is on the couch.
Ah, Friday! There are small family plans set for later this evening, but for most of today I can do, well, next to nothing. I love doing Nothing. It's critically under-rated in this society of the Racing Rats and Busy Bees, but sometimes doing Nothing can save your life. Besides, it's not like I'm doing Absolutely Nothing (which would require drool time in front of the TV with nothing but Netflix on), I'm playing with a tiny idea in the studio. I'm wrapping up a journal spread and going through my SoulCollage® cards. (I think Bennie and I could use a Sunday SoulCollage® and Tea Drinking marathon. We've been missing too many of the local SoulCollage® circles.) I'm going through a few of my personal studies again as I've lapsed on so many thanks to the holidays and recent events. It's simply a good day to shift focus. Oh. And actually get outside despite the frigid temps. My feet (shod) need to feel the earth beneath them. Hmm. That's a lot less of Nothing than I thought I'd be doing today. Oh well.
This morning's glorious sunrise!

I do like to knit. This is a swatch of crochet cotton
knitted up and pinned down.

Here we are with clear gesso applied. In essence, I've knit
my own canvas. Now. Time for a tiny image to envision.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

finding my true colors

The next spread in my altered-book.
I have piled a lot on my plate creatively lately. I don't normally sign myself up for on-line courses, but I've registered with two and then I have my personal off-line studies and activities. (It's a wonder the dishes get done.) In all this learning and sharing there's a fair amount of audio listening and video watching that's all part of each syllabus I signed up for. I admire the stuff I see Effy Wild doing in her journal pages. What Cat Caracelo talks about in VisionQuest 2013 is hugely inspirational. However, I need to find my own thread in this tapestry.

What do I remember enjoying? Mandala drawing with Judith Cornell and Painting From the Source with Aviva Gold. So, on the next pages of my altered-book journal, the spread was covered in clear gesso. Then the tempera paints were opened and spread on a paper plate. I painted. The lichen from the photo was left, like an island, while white, gold, magenta and turquoise swirled around it. My fingers spread and blended edges of colors, ending with a full hand print on the opposite page.

I don't know what's next, but that's what will make it mine.
Hand print.

A lichen island. A new landscape.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

random journal pages

A poem by David Whyte . . .

Words and stencil . . .

Altered-book photo, tissue paper
and stamp . . .

Altered-book photo, tag with borrowed
art and colored pencil . . .

Micron pen, stamp and colored pencil . . .

Wordle, tag with stencil and
words printed on tracing paper . . .

Altered-book photo and white ink . . .

Acrylics, collage and stamp . . .

Altered-book, words printed on tracing
paper, stamp, scrap paper . . .

A spread in progress . . .Song of My Self.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

studio soliloquy

Lichen journal page creating in clear gesso . . . 

A simple hat finished in 2 days. Note the complete lack
of cabled knitting . . .

Embarking on another Visionary Quest . . . 

My Travelocity Gnome in need of undecking . . .

It ain't pretty, but Lambchops protects my bean from
the ravages of the swift . . . 

The piles of books and notebooks and papers and
other stuff waiting to be played with . . .

Sunday, January 13, 2013

bad hat Sunday

The Bloody Stupid Johnson Failure.
Yes. There it is to the right. Mocking me. I've got my knitting failures and this certainly is one amongst them. I'm not trashing the pattern (Stupid Bloody Johnson), the fault is all my own. However, it is not without excuses (another paving material on that road to Hell). I have a cold. The yarn I chose was not the right yarn. My fingers hurt and the knitting needles bent from the strain of making stitches happen. In my impatience, I decreased to soon without knitting between decreases. (Bennie calls it "declining" ~ perhaps that's the better term here as the project quickly went down hill by afternoon.) So. I fought the yarn and the yarn won. Bennie asked if I was going to correct it or rip it out. Right now, I'm too annoyed to do anything with it. It may become a ferret bed. Trixie had better appreciate the new mohair lining for her basket bed.

If nothing else, I've discovered something about myself. I'm losing interest in dealing with complicated patterns. Gods bless those who rise to the challenge and have better skill. This needs to be a relaxing process for me though and while I like cables as much as the next gal, the simple knit and purl keep me from going insane. I've gathered the rest of this mohair and some recycled silk to make another, simpler hat. Something I can knit in the dark or while watching TV or in my sleep. Simple. Make a hat. No troublesome cables. Maybe a little ribbing.

This Sunday is also seeing the finishing up of a journal spread that's meandered in creation through out the week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's creation. And there's other things on my Creative Plate.

I'll need a nap. I have a cold. Some soup maybe. And someone to actually fold laundry, do the dishes. Perhaps I can prevail upon one of the dogs. Cats don't do anything for anyone and chickens are useless.

Fodder for another, easier hat.

One half of a spread.

With flaps open. Images from Chesca Potter,
The Greenwood Tarot.

The other half of the spread with
today's musings and a quote
from Stuart Wilde.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

shivering some timbers

A page in the works with a Wordle cloud.
The practicing of asanas was a creaky affair in which I should have just gone straight for Savasana and stayed there. Such is the nature of yoga practice after the holidays. The important thing is getting back into Downward Dog after the distraction of xmas lights and tree removal. Especially tree removal.

For today's pages, I went to Wordle to make a word cloud using my blog url. I like Wordle. Text can be generated from just about anywhere and, when plugged in, becomes a fun bunch of words for use just about anywhere. I'd love to see more fonts, but it works well enough for what I've got in mind. Now. To remember what that was exactly.
The spread in progress.

The cabled band on Bloody Stupid Johnson is now finished which means I can move on to completing the crown. Infinitely easier than the band. There were plenty of times during the construction of that section I was close to scrapping the whole project and making, I don't know, a scarf. Garter stitch. With big fat needles. Straight, with nary a twist nor turn of any such cables. However, like my asana practice today, I soldiered through and am rather glad I did. There are plenty of mistakes on that twisted, fiber-y road to completion, but I didn't care to rip it or retrace my knitted steps to correct a one of them. Peace lies in the acceptance of certain imperfections. It's still a functional hat despite the missed crossovers.

Bloody Stupid Johnson awaiting a bit of grafting and
then the knitting of the crown.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Georgia O'Keeffe and the flower

I am the flower waiting to be painted by Georgia O'Keeffe.
My life is shorter than those who carry bones, but is no less important.
To be painted by someone who sees my beauty is a treasure.
My soul, captured on canvas in careful and wild paint strokes for All to see.
I am a flower waiting to be painted.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday morning

A little morning Effy largely untouched in Photoshop.
Well, the tree is gone in time for Twelfth Night. It means I've got my yoga space back and there should be little excuse for my hitting the mat. And yet I'm sure there are a few I can eke out in the recesses of a winter-time brain. Hibernation ought to be a thing humans can do, but society can't stand the thought of coming to a standstill for a few months. Bears do it ~ but then they aren't hooked into social media.

And now worked over in Snapseed.
Anyhoo . . . Before I launch into the Family Feeding Frenzy, I'm enjoying some Golden Monkey tea from Teavana while listening to Effy talk about making backgrounds and creating my own page for the day(s). A dash of matte medium and then I'm off to make sausage patties. I do hope we can find some eggs in the coop this morning. We've been a little lax on collection so I've no idea what's going on in there.

In the meantime, I've been turned on to Snapseed a cute little program that tweaks photos in interesting ways. What fun ways can I find to use these altered images? Reasons why I wouldn't mind a little Studio Space Hibernation. Just bring me food and tea.

It doesn't quite look like a hat yet.
Bloody Stupid Johnson is beginning to make some sense now that I've gotten through the first cable chart. The wiry mohair I've spun can be a little unruly, but we're managing. Luckily, I've got plenty of it to finish the project. Because I've only been knitting at night during TV shows, I haven't been getting much done. The daylight is still short around here so feeling sleepy comes on fast. Sometimes as early as 8:30pm.

Now. It's feeding time at the zoo . . .

Another spread in the making.