Wednesday, December 26, 2012

tough patterns & poetry

The Bloody Stupid Johnson hat in a Sir Terry Pratchett
sort of mocking, snarky progression.
Bloody Stupid Johnson is at a weird impasse. After short rows, there is a band of cable stitches that are knitted apart from the hat and grafted back in later. However, one must knit, according the charts, this band into place as it's being constructed . . . And I am exercising a lot of little resistance to this. This is not the sort of pattern that allows one to vegetate whilst watching TV. Until the cable pattern is established, rapt attention is paramount or suffer the fiber consequences. Naturally, at this juncture of the year, my mind is utter mush and hardly interested in finagling the inner workings of a cable pattern. It wants carbs and perpetual sloth until ~ I don't know ~ spring? However, I will apply myself. Later. After a nap.
David Whyte's poem in Mod Podge.

In the meantime, on Easy Street, I've keyed in and printed out David Whyte's poem Everything Is Waiting For You. Hecatedemeter turned me on to his poetry, as well as Mary Oliver's. Two poets I'd never heard of until reading her blog. The poems of these artists (and Maya Angelou's too, come to think of it) get my attention on a visceral level. They speak to me. There are times I can't get enough, yet I don't actively seek out poems on line or in books. Seems more the treat to bump into a good set of words, well crafted and cadent, rather than hunting them down. So. This one made it to my journal for ruminations because, as I've been told, everything is waiting for me. Best not keep it all waiting.


Ashling said...

Wow...I had never read David Whyte's work, and that's a strange & wonderful poem. As for Mary Oliver, I pretty much worship the ground she walks on, and own many collections of her work. My favorite remains The Summer Day, although it's always difficult to choose such a thing.
Good luck on your pattern!

Barb said...

Hi Dawn, I saw your stone on Fiona & Kaspa's blog so came for a visit. I love the poetry of Mary Oliver. She is so in tune with the natural world and with the wildness in all of us. I enjoyed your bird photos in your last post. Good Luck with your small stones.