Sunday, December 02, 2012

the second light of Advent

The alter sporting plant life.
Today is Sunday. It's the second day of our Advent Garden's lighting, the flame for plants as outlined in this little gem I gleaned a couple of years ago. This, I hope, answers the following from one of my few precious readers:

How do you do the Advent thing? Do you light a new candle for each day?

So, again, this being the second Sunday after Thanksgiving and the Light of Plants, the next candle to the South on our mandala has been lit. We also added some plant life ~ four mini-pumpkins from Samhain, a small cedar (named Bilbo Baggins) and Babu the Bamboo. The next Sunday will be the Light of Beasties. That's when the Advent Garden gets fun!

In the meantime, I've become dangerously enamored of Instagram. What a wonderful way to share one's artful view of the mundane.
Bilbo and Babu to the left.

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Ruth said...

Does Obi Wan join in next week? ;-)