Wednesday, December 12, 2012

piling it on

Micron pen and Prismacolor of the left hand.
(Blogger continues to mock my choice of orientation.)
There's been lulls enough to play in the studio lately. Moodling with the journal, knitting, spinning and now I have some catch-up to play. Mainly plying and setting the spun wool and, by golly, I need to find a knit project or two. Otherwise, a certain kind of insanity sets in whereupon I simply glaze over staring at the TV watching far too much Netflix than is good for a body.

In the meantime, I'm also grappling with computer maintenance. Blessedly, I've a great tech who is willing to dive deep into ancient hard drives to retrieve things like all the jpg's that comprise my portfolio. So. We'll see if the external hard drive will spit up my stuff before dying one last time . . . no guarantees, of course.
Micron pen, Prismacolor w/ acrylic background.

My first embellishment in this journal using a tag.
Ruminations @ 11:00.

Same tag, a little closer.

My latest slouch hat using Jamie Harmon's yarn.
(It's the Knit Night Hat by Judy Marples @ Ravelry)
Came up with the nifty idea of including a jeweled pin on
a knitted hat. Not usually a pin person, but sticking one
on a hat seems to work well.

And this is my pile of spun yarn needing to be set.
Then we knit!


Ruth said...


Your work always makes me feel enchanted by your vision. I hear your voice and see that "look" in your eyes, and I think of sitting quietly near you while you work.

The embellishment has an almost Oriental feel to it. Spruce? Fir? I got caught by the waving leaves and didn't notice the holly for a few moments.

Lovely hat. You must have a lot of them by now. Me, I always seem to go for the same old same old favorite.

How do you "set" yarn?

Ashling said...

Set yarn? Is that what I learned by the name "whacking"? Love the embellishment very gentle....