Saturday, December 08, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like . . . y'know

Bodhi clearly hypercritical of the first stand used for
the tree.
The tree has been trimmed. Then it fell. Then it was re-trimmed after its unexpected fall. We got Bowling's Last Stand, the last Christmas tree stand one would ever have to buy. Because we're stupid and buy large trees that have no earthly business spending the holidays in a living room. Thus it is indeed looking festive and bright if nothing else than for our own amusement in a Queen Victoria sort of fashion.

This week also marks the frantic production of xmas cards. After Dirk's rant about the cost of art supplies (what? we needed more stickers), Bennie and I got to work. All the while, stew was simmering on the stove. After lights out and lock-up, we'll find some holiday TV shows and snarf down hot chocolate snuggled into our cocoons. In this case, a cocoon is a sleeping bag for each TV viewing Couch and Big Ass Red Chair Potato for the ultimate in snuggery. There are times one does not emerge for hours while episodes of Parks and Recreation spin through our Netflix account. Sadly, no one ever emerges as a butterfly . . . more like a butt monkey.
The tree and someone's pants down . . .

The new stand with Obiwan feeling safe
enough to sleep 'neath the tannenbaum.

Working the cards.

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