Saturday, December 29, 2012

another snowy day

Birds gathering at the feeder while
it snows.
It is snowing on the mountain again. This affords me the luxury of being stuck home and doing pretty much what I feel like doing because there's little point in leaving the house to do what needs doing. Yes, that required a run-on sentence. Snow-bound means I can spend megabytes watching Wild Soul Arts videos, the Bootcamp in particular, and spending a little time creating my own page for today (and beyond, if feeling further inclined ~ but the Big Ass Red Chair calls and snoozing to a movie would be a welcome thing too). So far it's been a joy to listen to Effy and play with art supplies at the same time.

The birds are indeed enjoying the new bird feeder. The squirrels have moseyed on over to the neighbor's house where the pickin's are easy. All of which means: I get to see more birds! The feeder was worth every penny (huge savings in seed already) and the best xmas gift ever! (My standards are skewed, but not without merit. Diamonds do little to deter squirrels ~ hence, they are not a girl's best friend.) Therefore, it's been another source of joy sitting back from the window a bit with binoculars and the camera to catch sight of some favorite feathered friends.

Oh yes! And the Stupid Bloody Johnson hat is getting easier to understand and work. The cables are tight, but that's my gauge and the needle size I'm working with that's creating those results. Still looks good though. Something to do while watching a movie and before I doze off.

Let snow flakes fall as they may. We're safe and snug at home.

A cardinal enjoying the perch.
And his mate flew in soon after.
Yay! A red-headed woodpecker!
The cabled band is making its sojourn on the
ribbed edging.
Instead of tape, I like to attach my ephemera using a strip
of old linen Mod Podged into place. I feel it might last
longer than tape holding stuff on a page.
Voila! A finished page awaiting
rumination @ 11:00.
(Wing image found here.)


Ashling said...

Lol....I received a squirrel baffle for Xmas because I requested at least one squirrel proof feeder! I've also found that scattering some of the chickens' scratch corn helps. Happy birding!

Ps....believe it or not, the red-headed fellow is actually a red-bellied woodpecker. Yes, I know....head, not belly, but there it is.

Ruth said...

One of the oddest things I noticed upon moving to KY was that there are cardinals here year 'round. Then again, they're the state bird, the name of the local sports team, stadium, and all manner of insanity in these parts.

Our little feeder also has the occasional woodpecker as well as cardinals, which I find odd as cardinals are usually ground feeders. I scatter seed hither and yon as well as in the feeder. What the hell - they've got to eat! A nut and berry seed blend seems to get the best response. Millet alone, not so much.