Sunday, December 16, 2012

advent garden & rumi

The fourth light of advent is the light of you and I,
The light of love and friendship, to give and understand.
Well, last night we went to see Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. My Inner Tolkien Geek has now been reactivated. Suddenly, I have a desperate desire to speak in the Elvish tongue.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Bennie and lit the fourth Light of our Advent Garden, the Light of Humans. The mandala now includes our human-made things along with stones, plants and beasts. This Friday, at Solstice, barring any natural Armageddon-like phenomena, the Fifth Light will be fired up in service of Spirit and the Returning Sun.

And I created a Hobbit-related page with a Rumi quote from Effy's Rumi Project.
A Rumi quote perfect for after seeing The Hobbit.
Rumi-nations @ 11:00.

Photo taken before smearing the ink with matte medium.
It's all still good though.

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Ashling said...

Beautiful, but how was the movie???!!! We're seeing it xmas day...