Tuesday, November 06, 2012

the left-hand path and Samhain

My left hand layered up for the outdoors.
I am enjoying the sketching of the thing most available to me during the day: my left hand. It's there being not ambidextrous and generally inactive. My left hand holds the twist in spinning most times while my right deftly maneuvers drafting and adding more wool as needed. My left hand doesn't draw and sketch much, sometimes helps with stamping and a little finger painting. My left hand has its purpose in small unassuming ways and as such (being a righty) becomes venerated in my art. It's my Left-Hand Practice ~ trying to maintain it as a daily one. Like brushing teeth and meditating.

My left hand pretending to hold a seed of Light.
Today is also the planetary alignment for Samhain. It's the Samhain I like to recognize as it is a quieter day untouched by the new consumerism Halloween has ushered in for the past 10 or so years. Honoring Ancestors and the Beloved Dead on this day is easier in it's contemplative silence. No 'lectric lights, just the Living Flame. A little water, a little whiskey and some shortbread. Simple.

Blessings to the Ancestors and Beloved Dead.

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Ruth said...

We do a fairly regular oblation to Papa Legba at the end of our street, where there is a crossroad ending at Cave Hill Cemetery. For some reason, we've had to put it off for a few days. I think tonight we'll head on over with a bottle of rum, some tobacco, and some chocolate.

Maybe, once that's done, the cats will simmer down a bit. We've had a lot of unseen activity in the house, which the cats *do* seem able to see. I think even someone as oblivious as me can read the signs.

Funny thing, that left-hand business. I'm chronically right-handed and I wonder sometimes why it's so dominant. Down, boy, down!

Blessings of the night to you, my love.