Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday intentions

A quote from the Feri Tradition.

A good question in a strange time.
  1.  Yoga. Long overdue for this body.
  2. Make beeswax candles. I'm running out despite the time spent in #3.
  3. Increase my meditation time to 15 minutes. Recent activities have had me slacking at a mere 10 minutes in the morning. Time to get back on track.
  4. Journal daily with a live sketch ~ my left hand (I'm a right-handed human), either foot, a leaf, a stone, a cat in situ ~ all geared toward honing and maintaining my craft.
  5. Finish a sweater. There's only the neck line left. Really. This is manageable. Especially during football season.
  6. Get more spinning of fiber done. Especially easy during these times of long nights. Lot's of Netflix. A fair library of DVD's. How difficult can this be?
  7. Return to my personal studies. This is a tough one. I generally have a million distractions a day. Many self-imposed and require a little more self-examination. Others imposed upon me in dealing with the Everyday. This includes going outside and being in Nature regardless of weather ~ even 15 minutes does something for the human soul.
  8. Express Gratitude more often.
More bricks in my pavement to Hel? Perhaps. The thing is to do what one can. Keep it simple. Have chocolate, do not berate the self for failing and come back to center.

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