Thursday, November 01, 2012

package & pizza

From Greece with lots of stamps!
It isn't often I get a package from Greece. So the one I picked up at the local Post Office was a veritable treat. It was an expected treat, but that still counts. It's International Mail ~ almost like traveling and getting one's passport stamped especially if you get stamps on the package.

Inside was a long-awaited Persefoni pomegranate oil lamp purchased from Epalladio Art Workshop. The price wasn't too bad either ~ about $36 including shipping. A lovely addition to the Ancestor Altar.
The Persefoni lamp with a journal page.

And just what does one do when there is no power thanks to the most recent storm Who Must Not Be Named? Make stuff in the pizza oven of course. They didn't look pretty ~ quite rustic, in fact ~ but they went down well. Next time: caramelized onion focaccia.

Cooking ugly.

Still a little ugly.

And yet with a certain inner charm.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

$36, and that included shipping?


I'd use that for the Brighid vigils, personally. ;-)

Your pizza is gorgeous - very Neopolitan.

I've been wondering how you were faring after the storm. One does have to ask: Do you now have power, when in fact the power grid is working?

I was looking at photos of places I either lived or traveled regularly at the Jersey Shore, and cried like a baby. There truly will never be a "trip down memory lane" for me now, as so much of it was washed out to sea.