Sunday, November 25, 2012

advent 2012

Sunday moon rising.
photo by Bennie
Late in the day, I realized today is the first of Advent. Bennie and I love to haul stuff out for altar making and this evening was no different ~ especially with the late realization. The first light (lit in the East) is for shells, stones, bones and crystals. We busied ourselves with the creation of a mandala of stones and crystals. A different direction from the stone spirals made in other years. Once done the first candle was lit.

An easy end to a busy weekend . . .
Our mandala of stones and shells for the
Advent Garden.

The altar complete until next Sunday.


Ashling said...

Great way to ground after all the hoo-ha of the weekend.

Ruth said...

How do you do the Advent thing? Do you light a new candle for each day?

Color me confused, but intrigued.