Friday, October 19, 2012

who's in your camp?

Gods become something more than archetype when we engage them. They take on life, become fleshed out, but with few of the human physical foibles us incarnates suffer ~ age, disease, sagging breasts. It is natural we would gravitate to Their powers and energies when in times of doubt and trouble.

I don't have a vast pantheon at my disposal. In fact, it would be presumptuous of me to assume any one of the deities I converse with are lying about waiting for invocations from me. I like to think we have a working relationship. The Gods are just as available for me as they are for you at any given time, but there needs to be a healthy dose of respect. And it's important to introduce yourself ~ as in the beginning of any good relationship. As rudeness isn't acceptable amongst humans, the same follows for deities. Be polite without ingratiating. Be direct without commanding. And say, Thank you. Offerings are a lovely thing to have on hand, but they don't always need to be elaborate. In the middle of the woods with only hair and spit to offer is fine. Although, there's plenty of material in the woods to create on offering on the spot ~ rocks for cairns, for instance. An offering can be anything reasonable: food, libations, art, poetry, song . . . let the Gods give you a hint.

Those I've created a close working relationship with include Brighid, Hecate, Saule, Odin, Hestia . . . just to name a few. My attention will be called to Them in some way or another ~ like a tap on the shoulder. Altars need cleaning and revamping? Hestia is usually the one who will have me suddenly deciding it's time to clean house. Strength and creativity live in my studio at Brighid's altar. Odin will remind me to look at things with both eyes, the physical and Inner Vision, at certain times. Sometimes, a deity will simply come to the fore in some way or another. Either in constant thought or art or song or (on exceedingly rare occasions) on license plates. It is then I create a piece of art or an altar, even if temporary, to carry me through with some sense and equanimity. So. I got a visit from Athena last night.

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