Wednesday, October 24, 2012

some Sheep & Wool booty

*sigh* Yes. I made it to this year's Sheep & Wool. Ian's birthday was celebrated before the weekend. Football scheduling cooperated nicely not occurring until Sunday ~ as it should ~ freeing up the weekend further. This year's trek had an eye for the exotic. I found some yak and a little buffalo. Things to spin on drop spindle in my imaginary spare time.

Of course, we stopped by Jamie Harmon's booth, as we do every year, to snap up some beautifully dyed bunny mix for small-item knitting. Another annual visit was made to Staghorn Valley Alpaca Farm where I bought a small amount of black alpaca. I visit Judy and Jerry's booth because we almost bought alpaca from them years ago. Unfortunately, other things in life became priority putting off any alpaca purchases, but when I'm in the market for a pair of alpaca I'll go to Staghorn Valley. There's something to be said about a man who kisses an alpaca full on the lips. I found a funky mohair mix called Starry Night ~ so named after Van Gogh's ubiquitous painting. I've no idea what I'll be knitting out of that. Kim and I will be splitting four pounds of Romney. (Will two pounds be enough, Kim?) Buying some dirty fleece keeps my hand in primitive wool processing. Never a dull moment, that.


Ashling said...

OOooooo....yak & buffalo! Hard to believe either of those produces the glorious fiber they do. Sounds like a day of great finds. We went Sunday & were on the prowl solely for felting roving...

Ruth said...


If I lived within visiting distance, I would sit at your knee while you taught me to spin.

I need some inspiration as I'm between projects (knitting ones - the house projects never end) and have no idea what to make next.