Friday, October 26, 2012

some morning painting . . . sideways

The tree, the gem and the snake.
Okay. Blogger is glitching me again.

Anyway, here is proof of time spent in the studio this morning, albeit uploaded in a configuration of Blogger's choosing. The photographed gem (lifted from an image search) was an A-ha! moment. I was spending too much time grappling with how I wanted to deal with painting the gem. Did I want an opal? A diamond? Do I want a simply polished cabochon?  Do I really want to spend time on facets? Recollecting the beauty of Mixed Media, I opted for the photo. Cop out? Maybe, but I'm enjoying a turn the painting has taken this morning.

And if you tilt your head but a little to the right, you may note some work done on the eyes of the shedding snake. I thought of adding a bit of shine to indicate some bright-eyed life going on then ditched the thought. The snake's eyes need to look lack luster ~ there is something important in this for me right now.

Now. Before other crazy things occur in my day, I will go meditate . . .
The gem and the snake a little closer.

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Ashling said...

The gem looks made for it...