Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the leaves in my Dreamtime

Shedding snake, red-green leaves.
Sometimes there's little rhyme or reason in one's visionary journeys. Okay. There is no rhyme or reason in one's visionary journeys. They wouldn't be visionary journeys otherwise. This painting was spawned from one of my 8 Gates/Summerquest journeys I did with Cat Caracelo this past summer. This puppy is from Gate 6, so I'm merely a tad behind on my personal deadline ~ especially considering how we're deep into autumn here in the northern hemisphere.

The leaves. The leaves were keeping me in a holding pattern over the progress of this image. I didn't particularly notice what kind of tree my shedding snake was in, so I didn't pay attention to what kind of leaves were on this Dreamtime tree. Mutually Perceived Reality would yield a maple tree growing near the gazebo. However, this is Dreamtime and I didn't want some regular old maple tree. Finally having a moment or two to moodle over the impending paint strokes, some Dreamtime leaves came to mind. And so that is what was painted today. Now I can move on to the egg-like jewel in the tree. I'm thinking something opalescent.
More leaves.

The shedding skin on the snake is working well.

I rather like these Dreamtime leaves.


Ashling said...

The leaves have such movement. What a magical work in progress.

Ruth said...

If moss could become a tree, it would have leaves like that.

I have photos to get off of my camera that I want to send to you. Maybe today will be the day I finally get to it.