Wednesday, September 05, 2012

skull painting & the first day of school

Gathering the stuff . . .
Well. Here we are. The first day of school was perfectly dreary. A clear indication summer vacation is over. Time to look forward to autumn and the gifts it has to offer. Apples, cider . . . donuts. The Sheep & Wool. Maybe the end of summer won't be so bad.

I wish I could say a quiet day was spent at home, but no such boon was I granted. It was computer-mania and then running errands under the gun. Between the computer and leaving the building, I was able to create a journal page (ruminations at 11:00) and setting up a young buck's skull for some metallic gold spray painting. I think the antler configuration here is what hunters might call a Fork and Knife ~ one antler forked, the other not. At least The Game is on tonight and we can relax to touchdowns and off-sides with some striped fellow calling the penalties after tossing his yellow hankie on the field. A gesture I'm not sure I can take seriously anymore. Gets me some spinning done though. Mohair, I think. Mental? Perhaps not tonight. The mind is a bit mushy. Like Becky's potatoes.

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