Friday, September 14, 2012


As you can see (if you but tilt your head slightly to the
right), I wrapped only the areas needed for the
textural effects desired. (You may return head to its
natural alignment. Oh no. Wait. There's more . . .)
It's the second time I've had to deal with this glitch: photos uploading in different orientations. They were rotated in Photoshop, but opted to appear in whatever damned fashion they wanted once loaded here.

No matter. The point is: I've had time to paint and play in the studio. It's a phone-free Friday, which makes it a Feral Friday and so I can go wild. Which I did and may continue to do until I go down the hill for a walk.

Today's painting goal was to make the purple black snake look as if it is trying to shed. I used a mixture of a metallic silver tempera paint and matte medium to paint over the dark background of the snake's body. Then I put it all under wraps to sit for about half an hour. In working the paint under the wrap, I was able to blur the edges of the snake's body to make its skin look ill-fitting and uncomfortable, with bits starting to come off. So far, the effect is successful. I may do one more layer in white mixed with the matte medium to get some more texture on the sloughing skin.
Here are the semi-finished results.

And no day could go by without a journal page.

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