Tuesday, September 25, 2012

seeing Beauty

I'm lucky. I'm an American white woman living in a well-forested suburb. It's fairly easy for me to shake troubles from my shoulders and walk out the door without fear of being mugged or mauled by large carnivorous animals. Thus it is easy for me to see, cultivate, Beauty ~ especially walking. Either with purpose down the dirt road or meandering in the woods, each step is a prayer and all I see is infused with God Herself. I got to thinking on this morning's walk: How does one see Beauty in less than wonderful circumstances? How does one see Beauty living in squalor? Or addicted to prescription narcotics? Or craving crystal meth? Can one find Beauty in dutifully caring for a terminally ill loved one or one merely waiting at Death's door? Is there Beauty in financial ruin and a precarious economy? There must be some way of perceiving it or humanity would be tossing itself off cliffs in droves like lemmings. The thing of it is, neither I nor anyone else can tell you how to get there or how to see it. Like I have an idea (beliefs kill) that every living thing on this planet has its own religion, its own path to God Herself, I also have an idea each living thing has its own mode of perceiving Beauty. I suspect further the only rule is this: Beauty can not be seen through addiction. Beauty can't be found in the next round of beers. Beauty does not come because a house is obsessively cleaned. (I can personally attest to that statement.) Beauty will not endure another pair of shiny shoes. Clinging to an emotional state keeps it at bay. Beauty will not always ride in on the wings of a prayer. Beauty is always present and nearby, like a wallflower, waiting to be noticed. Can you take a moment to notice it today?

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Ashling said...

What an excellent post, and a good reminder in a day clouded with hassles. Thanks!