Monday, September 03, 2012

a journal page and Grimm spinning

Early morning 'arting.'
*sigh* Labor Day. The end of summer in America. Have I mentioned how unprepared we are for school? We haven't even gone shopping for supplies. Although, I've taken on a different way of acting in the world when it comes to kowtowing to the school's schedule. I'll shop for notebooks, pencils and pens when I actually see what's getting used and what's really needed. Too many years I've purchased several composition notebooks only to see them at school's end barely used. They end up getting tossed since tearing out pages isn't a neat affair. Or something nasty escaped the confines of its container and thoroughly soaked everything in the backpack. So. We'll get a few of the basics. Other items will be purchased as necessary. Saves on the running around Rat Race media and society impose on the sane person this time of year.

In the meantime, we will loll about the abode doing what we enjoy. I got out of bed early to enjoy some quiet time in the studio creating today's journal page. A tired green oak leaf with autumn colors surrounding it. The leaf is like a sponge ready to soak in those warm fiery colors. Ruminations at 11:00.

Grimm spinning, indeed!
And I've recently gotten hooked on Grimm. (Thanks to the local cable company becoming bastards and requiring the special box to watch ANYTHING. However, if you've got an HD TV lying about the house, some channels still come in. NBC is one of them here.) It is a weird little world inhabited by Mauvais Dentes and Coyotls and other things I'm not acquainted with just yet. Never saw Season 1, but that's okay for now. Getting into this season is good for me. What get's done, as always, is some form of fiber art. For the past couple of episodes, I've been spinning up some Jacob gotten at the Sheep & Wool last year. Tonight, we ply!

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