Friday, August 10, 2012

we pause for studio organization

The Woolly Corner.
Yeah, I forgot to close a few windows in my studio ~ like all of them ~ and the rain fell sideways, a north to south configuration, drenching a few things on the floors. So instead of spending time painting and such, I went through bags of wet wool and sopping wet paintings (those destined for the Haiku Tree ~ so no big deal there). The wool that survived was repacked in either Zip-loc or plastic shoe boxes. Until I get more shoe boxes or other kinds of plastic bins, the other stuff will have to live in baskets.

It was an enforced, long over due purging the studio needed. Now I can go back in an make a Holy Mess.
The clean, loosely-organized desk area.

Tarot decks and other oracular devices relocated.

There isn't much I had to do here, but my
studio cairns could use some re-stacking.

And, of course, Obiwan is helping the way he usually does.


Ashling said...

Bummer! Wet wool makes for great felting, so perhaps all is not lost?

Ruth said...

Can you make paint brushes from Obi Wan's hair?

I mean, while you're looking things up on the web at ungodly hours . . .