Tuesday, August 07, 2012

walk :: dig :: swim

The road Most Traveled.
It's my Eat Pray Love for today. The walk was a necessity ~ not only for me, but for someone who needed to be held in my sort of Sacred Space. So I tucked her in my heart and trekked out, my dedications in place. It is something to walk with someone else in mind; to say to yourself, Self, this precious person needs our attention while we walk. Where do we go? And so I walked much further than I usually do for the Constitutional. My feet took me well off my dirt road and up a meandering asphalt one to a local dam. Then we walked back, hand in hand.

Peony and bamboo.
Once back home, Bennie and I tended to some urgent gardening. The bamboo is threatening to over take my peonies come next spring so I had to move them to less perilous locations. I did the digging. Bennie took the photos. Peonies are my favorite flowers; more so than roses. There is a femininity to peony a rose simply can't touch. Her scents aren't floral, but earthy ~ like a Real Woman flower. So. They had to be saved.

When I'm done with this writing, Bennie and I will pack a lunch with a couple of beers (one for me and one for a neighbor who might be down there) and head for the lake. Ian has been sighted twice, but has no interest in joining us. He's still recovering from Mayhem the other night. His first concert! (Yes, his father went too!) The rest of the afternoon should see some quiet bobbing and lounging lakeside.

Just for today, all is well with the world. And so we leave you with images from Bennie.

The "dig" part of my title.

Peony safely relocated. You can almost hear a sigh
of relief.

Bennie's blueberry pic.

Some Black-eyed Susan.

Echinacea, of course.

A blessed Rose of Sharon. We like to call this the
Faery Tree because my mother used to build Faery houses
with my children in her Rose of Sharon tree when we were
staying with her. They'd build a house with natural furniture
and the next day Faeries (my mother) would leave a treat
for the kids to find!

Rose of Sharon bud.

I guess you could call this Bud Light?
Okay. That was bad. But it is
Rose of Sharon again.

Yet more Echinacea.

A veritable torrent of Rose of Sharon images

A Butterfly Bush gifted from a friend
of my mother's.


Ashling said...

Your friend is blessed to be so spiritually cared for. Lovely photos.

Ruth said...

I have a special weakness for Rose of Sharon bushes. They're scattered all over our yard and appeared all by themselves.

Must have something to do with my middle name being Sharon. ;-)

I love the idea of making fairy furniture in them.