Friday, August 17, 2012

thunderstorm at dusk

A body needs interaction with the elements, even when and especially if, they are not so balmy and agreeable. I'd had a day full of Service. It was responsible stuff. I did it all and with a smile. Getting home too late to do much of anything in the studio set me up for a foul mood. A nap didn't do much good either. So after a quick pasta dinner, Bennie and I ventured out for a walk in the rain. A short way down the road, the rain became a gentle thunderstorm with big fat raindrops. We walked barefoot down to the lake seeing the water pock marked by drops, churning and rolling a little with the wind. Our feet meandered to the gazebo to find a little respite from the down pour. Staying dry was no longer the concern as we were soaked through, but that was fine.

Bennie and I sat and watched the rain, the wind and the lake moving and dancing in gray tones. Gray wasn't simply one color after awhile. There was the green gray of the trees nearby, muted further in the distance. There was a dove gray to the sky, the water a steely gray with blue gray rain pelting the surface. The only color that popped was the green leaves on the maple tree on the jetty with us. The cedar stood stately in his usual dark green.

Walking back home, we were soaked further through, but it was a wholesome sensation. It was good to walk in the rain, getting some ion exchange with the lightning, bare feet moving through puddles and over rocky sections of the road. Once back in our yard, I gathered the last of the wet, wayward hens and tucked them in their coops. I didn't hurry in out of the rain. I took my time letting the connection with Nature As It Is linger awhile longer before coming in for a warm shower and a hot cup of Lapsang Souchong.

Walks like these help me re-member.

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