Wednesday, August 08, 2012

on the burning of midnight oil

The beginnings of a diorama and the buck skull.
At 2:00am I could not sleep. A mind plagued with internal chatter and mental loops wrestled with the need for slumber. Usually, I can be found sitting at the computer searching some obscure subject jangling about in my Curiosity Zone. How to: make homemade spray paint, get stains out of carpeting with baking soda, deal with animal husbandry issues w/o a vet . . . Merely a few things I want answers to I don't normally have the time of day to figure out. The search soothes my Monkey Mind to sleep.

Early this morning, however, I opted to spend time in the studio. A buck's skull was coated in gesso for painting and other creative additions yet to be determined. I started a coat of Mod Podge on a berry container for another diorama. The bottom half of the painting-in-progress saw an addition of ground matter. What a happy discovery to find I don't need the extra process of spraying the acrylic wash with some kind of surfactant in order to do the Glad Wrap trick. Merely, layers of gel medium mixed with the desired color seems to give the same results, if not better, as the texture really takes form.

So these are fine discoveries in a studio so early in the day.
Newly textured area of the painting.

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