Wednesday, August 01, 2012

lughnasadh at the lake

The gazebo and the lake.
The weather has been strange for the past few weeks ~ not lakeside lounging weather. Mainly indoor-maybe-puttering-around-the-garden sort of weather. So seeing a little sun on this first day of Autumn, I invited Bennie to join me down to the lake for some sun and creativity. (Note: We still have two sons living with us. Tom has work over the summer. Ian generally needs to catch up on his sleep ~ you'd think he'd been pricked by a spindle.) In short, I needed to get out of the house. The lake was the perfect respite.

I rarely care to sit at the gazebo. Usually, the beach and a comfy lounger are enough, but since I brought down my art box with watercolors and gouache, I wanted the table. The roofed space was handy too. As the afternoon progressed, it was clear a storm was on its way with the occasional drizzle. After we bobbed in the lake, the paints were pulled out and lake water collected in a cup for some painting. Some of the finished watercolor sketches will be used in journal pages.

Time spent here was priceless . . . especially at Lugh.
Looking across to the western shore.

A tremendously huge spider. I think it ate
Cleveland on the way here.

Bennie and I doing our watery paintings.

Blessed Lugh.

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Ruth said...

Blessings of the season to you!

We continue to bake to a fine powder here, with the clay-laden earth cracking along with the floor of our garage. The earth breathes in and out.

You really have the "halcyon days" thing down to a science. :-)