Thursday, August 30, 2012

floating my boat

Here at the gateway to autumn, is a good time to reflect on recent past summery things. In between visits and episodes and busy-ness and lakeside lounging I found these places that inspired me, re-ignited parts of me sleeping too long. It was my summer vacation and here is how it was spent . . .

I spent 8 weeks with a Guidess. I received this time as gift from the Fates and I am ever grateful.

I found journaling inspiration with Effy Wild. She has made the word 'art' a verb. I've been enjoying her wit and wisdom through her vlogs for a few weeks now. I hope to do the Premium package, but if not, I know I can enjoy her company weekly.

The Open Heart Project has been helping me maintain my meditation practice like nothing before. Susan Piver has, for the first time in my life, taught me how to meditate.

And OMG! If there's anything anyone on this planet ought to be doing it's Barefoot Breathing! Jason Smalley and Jackie Stewart have put together quite a few lovely offerings. One I practice as often as I can was learned through their beauteous FREE 10 Steps to Soothe Your Soul in Nature. If one has issues of a footy sort, then one can still benefit from the exercises in that is time spent OUTSIDE. You know, that place that's on the other side of the door that doesn't lead to another room.

Renewing my Kaleidosoul membership into the Kindred Spirits is a beneficial occurrence. Not only does it renew a full year of goodies from Anne Marie Bennett (bless her boots!), but also renews my passion for SoulCollage® and its inherent creativity and re-membering.

Helping my friend Kimberly at the local Farmers' Market in her Lone Birch Farms wool selling venture has had me spinning more often than I usually do during the summer. I've gone through more fleece and roving and other types of fiber making space in the studio I forgot I had. And I got to see people I don't usually see on a Saturday morning. Pass the coffee! At least spinning through the summer sets me up for knitting in the autumn and winter. Sort of like making it through the sporting lulls with golf or basketball.

Our tiny pilgrimage to Sherwood Island didn't yield as many shells as last year, but the water was wonderful. Sunshine and sunburn for all.

Next week school begins. Even I am not eager for school to begin. I like a free-form, unstructured day and not just for myself. However, structure has its uses despite the Discipline Mania. At least a full summer was had. Let's see what autumn brings, shall we? But first, a cup of tea.


Ashling said...

What a glorious summer, rest and recharging for soul as much, if not more than, the body. I'm truly envious of all tht restful productivity & creativity!

Ruth said...

We had a dear friend visiting with us on Thursday and Friday. He'd flown up from FL (a day late due to Isaac) and I had to bring him out to our mutual friends' farm on Friday evening.

Two hours of country road driving, followed by sitting on a front porch enjoying the whippoorwill's call, the buzzing of dozens of hummingbird wings at feeders, the sight of an utterly beautiful (and enormous) banana spider, and the Blue Moon rising above the tree line.

I had the pleasure of driving home on those twisty turny country roads in the dark, with only the moonlight to insure my safe passage when my high beams weren't quite enough.

The end of Summer is palpable here. With the drought has come an early falling of leaves - all in browns, very crunchy. My pepper plants have suddenly decided to bloom. A little late there, guys! Our first Black Krim tomato was succulent and worth the effort to bring it forth from a seed (oh, the learning curve). Sungold tomatoes are producing like mad and we pop them like candy.

The painting, both inside and out, has given me a feeling of loss for this summer. Plus, there have been other things going on. Tonight, we will go to a get-together with friends to celebrate the return of a friend who finally landed the job of his dreams (in Detroit, of all places). Good things can and do happen, it's just hard sometimes to remember them

Effy said...

Thank you for including me! If there's anything I love, it's floating someone's boat!! :D