Saturday, August 11, 2012

doing the art thing(y)

The 6 of Cups/Strawberries In June diorama.
Another indecisive weather day. Domestic duties came to the fore as Dust Bunnies were forming into things larger than bunnies. More like Dust Mastodons. Also, Crystal is at that heavy shedding time of year. Left unattended, the rolling dog hair gets to be the size of Pomeranian dogs. Vacuuming was first on the list.

A little time at the lake was refreshing. And then a nap. Gotta have a nap! Cats do it all day. It's a wonder they have a life at all.

Then. Things got done. I spent time "arting" as Effy Wild might say. A little digital work with the 6 of Cups/Strawberries In June diorama for one of my Gates. A journal page woven and coated with Mod Podge. And a little forming of elements on yet another Gate painting. It's looking a little Biblical at the moment, but these things change as I go. I am enjoying the Glad Wrap background and underground. I'm interested to see how this piece develops.

Somewhere in between doing art things, I stepped outside to do some Barefoot Breathing. Brownie the House Rooster followed me back in for some creative time I guess. Ever the gentleman, he feels no Lady should meander about unattended. Even if they're not feathered.
Today's woven words and images.

Yes. It's a snake in a tree. The oval is soon
to become a jewel. Opal maybe.

A little closssser, my dear.

Brownie the House Rooster joining me in the studio.

Just as quickly he left.

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Ruth said...

The nature of strawberries being that of mold and decay . . . what are you plans for them?

Brownie is so sweet. I hope you saw the post I made on your FB page.