Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

floating my boat

Here at the gateway to autumn, is a good time to reflect on recent past summery things. In between visits and episodes and busy-ness and lakeside lounging I found these places that inspired me, re-ignited parts of me sleeping too long. It was my summer vacation and here is how it was spent . . .

I spent 8 weeks with a Guidess. I received this time as gift from the Fates and I am ever grateful.

I found journaling inspiration with Effy Wild. She has made the word 'art' a verb. I've been enjoying her wit and wisdom through her vlogs for a few weeks now. I hope to do the Premium package, but if not, I know I can enjoy her company weekly.

The Open Heart Project has been helping me maintain my meditation practice like nothing before. Susan Piver has, for the first time in my life, taught me how to meditate.

And OMG! If there's anything anyone on this planet ought to be doing it's Barefoot Breathing! Jason Smalley and Jackie Stewart have put together quite a few lovely offerings. One I practice as often as I can was learned through their beauteous FREE 10 Steps to Soothe Your Soul in Nature. If one has issues of a footy sort, then one can still benefit from the exercises in that is time spent OUTSIDE. You know, that place that's on the other side of the door that doesn't lead to another room.

Renewing my Kaleidosoul membership into the Kindred Spirits is a beneficial occurrence. Not only does it renew a full year of goodies from Anne Marie Bennett (bless her boots!), but also renews my passion for SoulCollage® and its inherent creativity and re-membering.

Helping my friend Kimberly at the local Farmers' Market in her Lone Birch Farms wool selling venture has had me spinning more often than I usually do during the summer. I've gone through more fleece and roving and other types of fiber making space in the studio I forgot I had. And I got to see people I don't usually see on a Saturday morning. Pass the coffee! At least spinning through the summer sets me up for knitting in the autumn and winter. Sort of like making it through the sporting lulls with golf or basketball.

Our tiny pilgrimage to Sherwood Island didn't yield as many shells as last year, but the water was wonderful. Sunshine and sunburn for all.

Next week school begins. Even I am not eager for school to begin. I like a free-form, unstructured day and not just for myself. However, structure has its uses despite the Discipline Mania. At least a full summer was had. Let's see what autumn brings, shall we? But first, a cup of tea.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

spinning with Wilfred

We found the first season of Wilfred on Netflix! Small excitement to be sure, but it's something at these last few days of summer. The nip in the night air and the chill in the lake are getting us just a bit down. As usual, summer went by all too quickly. However, we will always have Wilfred.

Now. Which to do? Drop spin the Churro or play with the Early Morning Sunrise-colored Coopworth on the Millie?

And here is my favorite quote from the episode entitled Compassion.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday in the garden (or Moving Rocks)

A row of flat rocks to prevent Dirk from
mowing everything down.
As I lie in bed between sleeping and waking this morning, I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the tree in the latest painting on the easel. Then I went out to the garden with my morning PG Tips and had a different idea. We moved rocks instead. Bennie managed the visual chronicling of today's weighty endeavor.


In the meantime, it's time for Aleve and the newly acquired Hunger Games DVD.
The garden proper.

Laying in flat pieces of terra cotta
as stepping stones.

Lining the beds with bricks in an effort to cut down
on weed growth.

One of Bennie's famous Blossom Shots.
It's cucumber.

And here's squash.

Yum! Bell pepper!

Landscape Guy.

Black-eyed Susan.

Layout between the beds.

Trying another perspective.

And another.

Yet another.

Delighted to find that some of the
Forget-me-nots actually remembered to
stick around.

A new garden altar.

The altar for the Fae moved from the encroaching
bamboo to the garden.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

at the end of the day

A westering sun shining through the Isis crystal.

A little more of the painting getting done.

A SoulCollage® reading and a beer.

Harvest of the day after putting the chickens to bed.

Friday, August 17, 2012

thunderstorm at dusk

A body needs interaction with the elements, even when and especially if, they are not so balmy and agreeable. I'd had a day full of Service. It was responsible stuff. I did it all and with a smile. Getting home too late to do much of anything in the studio set me up for a foul mood. A nap didn't do much good either. So after a quick pasta dinner, Bennie and I ventured out for a walk in the rain. A short way down the road, the rain became a gentle thunderstorm with big fat raindrops. We walked barefoot down to the lake seeing the water pock marked by drops, churning and rolling a little with the wind. Our feet meandered to the gazebo to find a little respite from the down pour. Staying dry was no longer the concern as we were soaked through, but that was fine.

Bennie and I sat and watched the rain, the wind and the lake moving and dancing in gray tones. Gray wasn't simply one color after awhile. There was the green gray of the trees nearby, muted further in the distance. There was a dove gray to the sky, the water a steely gray with blue gray rain pelting the surface. The only color that popped was the green leaves on the maple tree on the jetty with us. The cedar stood stately in his usual dark green.

Walking back home, we were soaked further through, but it was a wholesome sensation. It was good to walk in the rain, getting some ion exchange with the lightning, bare feet moving through puddles and over rocky sections of the road. Once back in our yard, I gathered the last of the wet, wayward hens and tucked them in their coops. I didn't hurry in out of the rain. I took my time letting the connection with Nature As It Is linger awhile longer before coming in for a warm shower and a hot cup of Lapsang Souchong.

Walks like these help me re-member.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday at the beach

Road trip.

It was closed.

The weather was just right on Long Island Sound.

Jetty and sail boats.

Youths swimming.

Actually interacting and having fun.

Me and the deep blue.

Going for food.

Seagulls staying for food.

Sand castle construction time.



Bennie as Miss Buckethead USA.

Dirk trying the kite one more time.

A flying success!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

doing the art thing(y)

The 6 of Cups/Strawberries In June diorama.
Another indecisive weather day. Domestic duties came to the fore as Dust Bunnies were forming into things larger than bunnies. More like Dust Mastodons. Also, Crystal is at that heavy shedding time of year. Left unattended, the rolling dog hair gets to be the size of Pomeranian dogs. Vacuuming was first on the list.

A little time at the lake was refreshing. And then a nap. Gotta have a nap! Cats do it all day. It's a wonder they have a life at all.

Then. Things got done. I spent time "arting" as Effy Wild might say. A little digital work with the 6 of Cups/Strawberries In June diorama for one of my Gates. A journal page woven and coated with Mod Podge. And a little forming of elements on yet another Gate painting. It's looking a little Biblical at the moment, but these things change as I go. I am enjoying the Glad Wrap background and underground. I'm interested to see how this piece develops.

Somewhere in between doing art things, I stepped outside to do some Barefoot Breathing. Brownie the House Rooster followed me back in for some creative time I guess. Ever the gentleman, he feels no Lady should meander about unattended. Even if they're not feathered.
Today's woven words and images.

Yes. It's a snake in a tree. The oval is soon
to become a jewel. Opal maybe.

A little closssser, my dear.

Brownie the House Rooster joining me in the studio.

Just as quickly he left.

Friday, August 10, 2012

we pause for studio organization

The Woolly Corner.
Yeah, I forgot to close a few windows in my studio ~ like all of them ~ and the rain fell sideways, a north to south configuration, drenching a few things on the floors. So instead of spending time painting and such, I went through bags of wet wool and sopping wet paintings (those destined for the Haiku Tree ~ so no big deal there). The wool that survived was repacked in either Zip-loc or plastic shoe boxes. Until I get more shoe boxes or other kinds of plastic bins, the other stuff will have to live in baskets.

It was an enforced, long over due purging the studio needed. Now I can go back in an make a Holy Mess.
The clean, loosely-organized desk area.

Tarot decks and other oracular devices relocated.

There isn't much I had to do here, but my
studio cairns could use some re-stacking.

And, of course, Obiwan is helping the way he usually does.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

on the burning of midnight oil

The beginnings of a diorama and the buck skull.
At 2:00am I could not sleep. A mind plagued with internal chatter and mental loops wrestled with the need for slumber. Usually, I can be found sitting at the computer searching some obscure subject jangling about in my Curiosity Zone. How to: make homemade spray paint, get stains out of carpeting with baking soda, deal with animal husbandry issues w/o a vet . . . Merely a few things I want answers to I don't normally have the time of day to figure out. The search soothes my Monkey Mind to sleep.

Early this morning, however, I opted to spend time in the studio. A buck's skull was coated in gesso for painting and other creative additions yet to be determined. I started a coat of Mod Podge on a berry container for another diorama. The bottom half of the painting-in-progress saw an addition of ground matter. What a happy discovery to find I don't need the extra process of spraying the acrylic wash with some kind of surfactant in order to do the Glad Wrap trick. Merely, layers of gel medium mixed with the desired color seems to give the same results, if not better, as the texture really takes form.

So these are fine discoveries in a studio so early in the day.
Newly textured area of the painting.