Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the night was humid . . .

The interior is coming along nicely.
It is perhaps one of my favorite lines from Throw Momma From the Train ~ while Larry Donner is struggling to find that first, elusive line for his unwritten novel. Another favorite is: Look! Cows! But since I can't find that quote on YouTube, this one works just as well for the sweltering evening. Hmmm. Makes me wonder if I can find this movie on Netflix for tonight while Bennie and I play a wicked hand of 500 Rummy. A game at which I am merciless.

Yet I digress. We had an errand-filled sort of day. Gnarly, onerous tasks which seemed to have no end until it was time to prepare a light dinner. (Too damned hot for anything more.) These sorts of days, once again, keep me from doing what I'd prefer to do, but I did manage some time in the studio to work on the 8 Gates diorama. A photo of the recently installed Ancestor Altar was glued into the background while some interesting print-off I'd created was glued to the flaps. It's a vague plan to add other things before hanging the spiderweb dream catcher inside.
A slightly closer view of that progress.

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