Thursday, July 19, 2012

the Gate of the Ancestors

Webs and light.
I had a rare occurrence of something called Free Time today. This allowed me time to . . . fiddle about with nonsense before actually executing any work on a piece of art. The desk was cleared of extraneous stuff (mainly bowls of crystals that need a new home so I have room to work on said desk). A few items were framed and hung on the walls ~ all of which had Absolutely Nothing to do with any of my creations. Something got glued, I think. The pens were sorted ~ Micron, Sharpies, Gel, white. I traded up the dull blade on my X-acto for a fresh one. I pulled a SoulCollage® carte du jour (got Picasso ~ go figure). Read up on my Wildwood Tarot pick, the Seven of Stones . . .

Web with spider.
Then I added stuff to the 8 Gates diorama. Bananarama. (Had to write it.) The print out from knitting instructions on making a spider web was added. I changed my mind on doing that when I found the instructions to be lacking on a great many instructions. But the photo was neat. I added stamped artwork around the photo, layered it with Mod Podge (stuff of the Universe, I don't care what Carl Sagan says) and then, with a brayer, rolled out some bronze Liquitex ink over the whole she-bang. The spider web dream catcher was hung when I remembered having an actual silver spider to add. Originally, I thought I'd wire this puppy with xmas lights, but reconsidered due the potential for fire hazard what with using cardboard and all. Instead, I installed a battery operated LED votive flame. I am enjoying the direction we're all going on now. We might even stop at an ice cream stand on the way . . .

I love this little sleeping face stamp.

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Ruth said...

I would love to see photos of your art supplies.