Monday, July 16, 2012

on vigil

ObiWan getting in on the creativity.
 The weekend consisted mainly of whirlwind activities . . . We are in recovery.

Today, I wanted to immerse myself in studio time. First, I had to remove ObiWan from my 8 Gates work in progress. I guess he thought he could be included in the diorama. Once said cat was relocated somewhere more convenient (the paint table ~ I didn't say the relocation was convenient for me), I painted the insides black. While that dried, I created a spider web using a 5" hoop and fish line a la dream catcher style. More on that at a later date. For tonight, I'm leaving the diorama to percolate ~ there may be Ancestors involved in this piece which requires a bit of "listening." (Or a sharp rap across the knuckles with a ruler. We'll see.) I'm sensing something with collage and doors.

Another painting finished means an empty easel. Old canvases were hauled out from hiding. Canvases given me from a dumpster diving expedition on some college campus or another. So these are not my disasters, but the frames and canvas are in fair condition. Even if they're not perfect in one sense, they are perfect in many other ways. And gesso hides a multitude of sins. Perhaps more so than girdles or the correct amount of foundation make-up. Gesso. It's a girl's best friend. 
8 Gates diorama to date.

Except I've found my gesso to be a bit old so spreading it on was not a particularly delicious experience, but the work got done and now the canvas is waiting to dry overnight to receive a second coat tomorrow.

Then . . . I wait for a Vision.

In the meantime, I am on my Flamekeeping Vigil. This time spent in the studio with Brighid is always good.

Old canvas waiting for gesso.
Never thought to look carefully at this painting. It looks
like an x-ray of someone's neck and jaw.

Gesso drying with Brighid's Flame burning in the

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