Friday, July 27, 2012

new trick

Acrylic wash drying with plastic wrap.
I am trying something I saw on another site some time ago. I'm not doing the angel thing, but the process, perhaps layered, looks mighty intriguing. So, soapy water and plastic wrap it is ~ over a thick wash of acrylic paint. It's drying as I write.

We're feeling the downward spiral of summer's end. A little chillier at night (which I don't mind), days already getting perceptively shorter, plants looking spent and tired. This past week hasn't seen many visits to the lake. Weeding and straightening out the garden have been the main tasks. We've had only two tomatoes on the vine this summer and one bastard squirrel took the largest one and left it in the corner of the bed half eaten. It was just starting to turn too. I live for the summer tomato sandwich with mayo and fresh basil . . . doesn't seem to be in the cards for me this summer.
Smooshed a little closer.

My page from yesterday on a
recycled Nat Geo cover.

Another page from a couple of days ago with the new
stamps Bennie and I chose.

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