Monday, July 09, 2012

of rare events

The elusive Ian at the table with family.
Note the untanned pallor from months of
avoiding sun and fresh air.
Like Bigfoot in the western wilderness . . . like the elusive Loch Ness or Champlain Lake Monsters emerging from watery depths . . . like the Yeti (Bigfoot with snowshoes) lurking the Tibetan mountain ranges . . . we've had what we call here A Sighting. Ian emerged from his room, aka The Mancave, and made, of all things, pancakes with bacon for everyone. Woke us out of bed even! Naturally, I grabbed the camera for this rare and unique event: Ian out and about, socializing with the domestic denizen (that'd be us) AND cooking. No cleaning, of course, let's not get crazy here.

Now I have photographic and physical (dishes in the sink) evidence of his existence. There is indeed a 15-going-on-16-yr-old lurking in our house, usually in the wee hours foraging for food ~ Nutella here, onion there.

The pancakes were good and an unexpected surprise.
Pictured here with Bennie and the Man's plate (gone to
get milk). Bennie is avoiding sudden moves which might
have Ian retreating back to the Mancave.

And all the dishes it took to make pancakes.
I swear, I have pancake making down to a bowl, a ladle,
a spatula and the griddle. Why 2 whisks?


Ashling said...

Congratulations on teh sighting. Wise decision to document with photos!

Ruth said...

Ian looks so much like Dirk!

At least you got breakfast . . .