Wednesday, July 11, 2012

art & the Ancestor Altar

There's been a small flurry of creative activity in my studio the past few days. I finished the Dawn Light painting ~ I don't know if that'll be the name of it. It is coated with Mod Podge thus protected for hanging or selling. I enjoy the stained-glass effect that developed at the bottom.

I've created three journal pages (sans personal musings) with magazine pages, gesso, Mod Podge, collage and gouache (yummy stuff, that). However thanks to watching a few videos from Effy Wild, my supply list is changing and growing. Getting my hands on some Dr. Martin's Inks would be fab! And that's just for starters.

Finally, the newly-installed Ancestor Altar. Well. Where do I begin? There I was painting in my studio, finishing up the previously mentioned painting, when I felt my attention being tugged to another corner, one long neglected. For a few months I've had ancestral photos sitting in boxes waiting for a home in our home. They were gleaned from the walls of my mother's house. The rest of my day started by hanging a needlepoint my grandmother made. It was a piece I'd always seen as a child and something that held a healthy aspiration: Let me live in the house by the side of the road and be a friend to man. All I did was hang that. Suddenly, the flood gates opened and People wanted my attention. I spent the next three hours, cleaning and, in some cases, re-framing and hanging photos of my ancestors. Some were packed away again as I had no connection to them or I didn't know who they were (yet) or they weren't labeled (much to my chagrin). Those who I remember are now on the wall in my dining room. My China cabinet is now the Ancestors Altar ~ a permanent installation subject to change.
A page from Nat Geo set with gesso.

The day ended with a good meal and libations to Those Who Have Gone Before. A shot of whiskey, a beer and a glass of water. A portion of our meal was served later (but before we sat down to eat). It was exhausting, but exhilarating work.

The back side of the same page also set.

Drawing paper with gouache and a
printout of my mug coated with Mod Podge
and then colored with a wash of gouache.

The Ancestors Altar, complete for now.

Libations and Light.


Deb said...

Love the Ancestor altar! That came out beautiful. I can feel it radiating from here. :)

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.