Saturday, July 28, 2012

a day at the farmers' market

Another day was spent at the local Farmers' Market spinning more alpaca while Kimberly sold fibers and also spun. I like having nothing else to concern myself with other than spinning fiber otherwise lying dormant in one part of the house or another. So I brought Millie and the fine brown alpaca (got 2 spools full of single ply with the third working on the wheel) and some happy Churro to spin with a top-whorl spindle. I had an extra spindle for trying out; which was a fine idea, as I showed two children today how they too can spin string from fluffy stuff. Gotta get 'em hooked when they're young. (Not that taking marketing strategies from tobacco companies is always a welcome approach, but spinning yarn? C'mon! It's good clean, harmless fun.) (And while I'm idly speaking parenthetically: I must speak with Kimberly about getting her Dad to start whipping off some drop spindles in his spare time. If there's anything that could have sold twice over today, it would have been starter spinning kits.) But I digress . . .

The day proceeded. Dirk, Bennie, Ian and I shopped for a few items. I was absolutely elated to purchase three flowering plants from Shawangunk Horticulture. It's one thing I really miss about my mother's house is her cutting garden. Everyone needs flowers. Going out to pick a bouquet for the table or altar is a sure pick-me-up from the doldrums. The new additions are Echinacea, Coreopsis, and Black-eyed Susan. I was told by the proprietor that these flowers are grown tough ~ they'll grow in rocks. Which is what I've got plenty of. (Another lovely feature of Farmers' markets is talking with the folks who actually grow the stuff. Buying a potato takes on a whole new perspective when hearing the story of growing that potato.) Foods and other items were purchased as well, but the real payoff was at the end of the day when vendors either swapped goods or even offered some up for free. All of which happened very quickly today as the rain that held out let loose just at the end of the market. I came home with kale, three bags of potatoes, radishes, red onions, and 5 extra sunflowers along with the original three I bought from the person selling flowers next to us.

Now, with creativity of another sort, blue fish is cooking in the oven as is Gratin Dauphinois (cheesy potatoes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking) and steamed clams. Tomorrow, I'll be whipping up a kale-leek soup ~ 'cause I got some!

We are indeed bountiful. And I got some yarn spun.

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Ruth said...

I wish I could sit at your side and learn to use a drop spindle.

There's one of the dozens of local farmers' markets happening today. If I manage to finish up switching out the locks, doing the laundry, repairing the lockset, and re-installing everything, I might have time to get there.

What a wonderful life you have. There's beauty in so many places.