Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a day at the dining table

A quick, blurry snapshot of the Creative Space.
I was inspired to do some SoulCollage® after listening to a recording of Anne Marie Bennett's latest Summer Camp class, Exploring Shadow in the Light of SoulCollage®. Figured I'd drag Bennie along for the ride. She's been avoiding the school's summer reading of The Old Man and the Sea, but there are only so many hours one can play Mario Kart (or lounge by the lake). Since there was the on-and-off threat of rain, what better way to spend the afternoon? So we took over the dining table again. I wanted to explore a couple of my Shadow beings and Bennie dove into a triptych. Some fun music was put on and we got to play.

Dinner was served in the Family Room . . .
Two of my Shadows.

1/2 the Person (I Used to Be) ~ I am the one who isn't
complete. I am the one who can't seem to get with the
program. What would I do with my Wholeness?

The Obsessive One ~ I am the one
who churns and burns over issues in
my mind. I want answers and I can't
to get them!

Bennie's triptych in progress . . .

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