Sunday, July 22, 2012

a busier Sunday than usual

The Ancestor Gate closed.
It is a lovely, balmy day. I've been stuck inside during the more sultry days until evening. It's when we would wander down to the lake for that evening swim. So Things are getting done thanks to the cooler weather today. The garden has been weeded ~ it was muchly needed. Some watering occurred there as well. I finished my Ancestor Gate diorama. Later tonight, I'll be creating a Smilebox to share with the 8 Gates Yahoo Groups. It's too nice to be stuck at the keyboard today.

So. I will share what I did in visuals and get back on outside . . . burn some meat on the grill or something. With a beer. And a smile.
The Ancestor Gate inside.

A mosaic journal page from a few days ago.

Yesterday's journal page.

Today's journal page with a tasty mandala.

Some happy wisteria.

A beauteous butterfly on the Echinacea.

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