Monday, June 18, 2012

woods walk & a gift from the First Gate

Went into the woods past the fence just
to find this skunk hole under the roots
of a pignut tree.

 I want to use this image for a drawing or painting.
I thought it would be my First Gate in Cat Caracelo's
SummerQuest/8 Gates exercise.
It wasn't.

I found a rock and a tree kissing.
Two of my favorite woodland beings found
in an intimate way.

The Kiss close up.
Notice the two runes etched in the rock.
Gyfu (X) and Cen (<) ~ a gift of fire.

Then there was this darling, comfy thing.

Yes, here . . .

full of velvet invitation.

The gift of my First Gate.
A mask I made while staying in
South Wellfleet, 1989.

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