Thursday, June 07, 2012

what am I becoming?

A wee while ago, I listened to a recording of a telecourse hosted by Cat Caracelo with its theme of Shifting Seasons: Creative Tending and Nurturing. The course ended on a creativity prompt ~ What am I Becoming? A query that could be applied to any artwork, newly created or in transition. I figured I've got just the piece to ask that of.

So, finally, today, I went on over to my easel, somewhat defiantly (as it's a painting that's been a-sittin' on the easel far too long), and asked, (What the heck!) What am I becoming?

Rather quickly, the pictured image came to life on this Rising Sun Birthday painting languishing in my studio since April. What's it all mean? Well, that would require another quiet sit-down without the phone ringing and the urgent needs of flying paperwork.

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