Saturday, June 30, 2012

the summer so far

An 8 Gates look at dealing with Time & Space during this course.
Summer is rolling along . . . What I'm enjoying in a rambling list sort of manner: the lake (and I'll list it again: the lake), playing with the 8 Gates/SummerQuest with Cat Caracelo & Co, creating, cooking food outside (aka barbecue-ing), writing random haiku for the Haiku Tree, gardening, cultivating herbs for drying, staying up late, sleeping late, meditating in the morning (when I'm up early), a cuppa Joe or tea with the chickens in the morning, no school, thunderstorms, watching Dirk on the gifted lawn mower tractor thingy, sitting by the garden and sketching or reading, doing that with Bennie, taking naps on the lounger (usually after I've sketched or read), the big blue sky, the deep green trees and grass and herbs, eggs (no tomatoes yet so I gotta list something) and . . . Did I mention the lake?
My Inner Explorer at the ready.

To the right, a Girl and a Gate.

To the left, a Map and a Gate.

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