Wednesday, June 27, 2012

permanent vacation

The lake southwest from the road.
Bennie and I went for a walk this morning ~ late, this morning. We can sleep late now that school is over. Not too late though ~ I like to get my meditation time in before the day gets rolling. So it was a mother/daughter walk. I remember taking walks with my mother nigh on 20 years ago. Rambles on local trails or just around the block ~ all good and easy times. Bennie and I walked down the hill with a camera and a bottle of water. I brought my crystal buddy along in a pouch made so many years ago it would need carbon dating for vague accuracy.

After walking, we lounged around outside taking in the summer breeze and sun. Bennie read and sketched. I worked on my 8 Gates piece and even did a little yard yoga. Yum!
And again northwest.

One more time northwest with a better
vantage point.

Funky grass.

Sneaking a picture of Bennie with
the Funky Grass

Tree, rock, fern.

Wild berry buds!
In another week we'll be feasting!

Happy little daisy!

My crystal carrying pouch.

My Crystal Buddy hanging out with the Stones.

A small portion of PiP.
(Play in Progress.)

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