Tuesday, June 26, 2012

on Vigil

Words over one of my vine photos.
Tonight, I tend the Flame, Brighid's Flame. I have a rare opportunity to spend time in the studio with the Shining One, the Forger, the Lady of Poems. Playing along further with my 8 Gates image and looking through my journal for images from the past few months . . . It is interesting to see how I've created some of these pages. The hasty scrawl across printed photos. A little watercolor. Plenty of collage. Images added to my words. Stuff I enjoy.

And so here a few of the pages . . .
Words, bark and vine.

Watercolor and musings.

Collage and planning.

Recon words, writing over writing.

Some pages simply have poetry.

Others are part of a process; such as this from
True North Arts.

The stuff surrendered in a sealed envelope.

Ah, color pencil drawings! The most immediate
gratification next to writing.

Some pages are spreads, like this one on Family.

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Ruth said...

I made a mistake on my vigil day, and thus wound up with 2 days of it since I'd started a day early. Oops.

Posting your journal pages seems to me like an act of bravery. Also, extreme vulnerability. I'm a bit awed by your willingness to be so open.