Sunday, June 10, 2012

the many virtues of comfrey

Oh there are many places to go to find out about the wonders of comfrey! Here are a few . . .

Susun Weed: Here and Here. And don't be afraid.

Mountain Rose Herbs has a lot to say.

Don't forget the Mother as in Mother Earth News, baby!

Looks like some nifty info here too.

But all herbs come with a personal story. And mine is this. Quite a long time ago, Bronze Age for us perhaps (we had only the One Child at the time), Dirk had blown out his knee on a job. Kicking in carpet, I think. It was swollen twice the size. We wouldn't spend money on silly things like health insurance or doctor's visits then. Diapers were all the rage as was baby food. Needing Dirk back on his feet and earning, I vaguely remembered reading somewhere that a comfrey compress does wonders for swollen bits. I set to mashing leaves and flowers throughout the day, wrapping that mash in a damp cloth, applying that herbal construction to the swollen knee. Dirk had no problem lying on the couch with his leg up as I exchanged heated compresses for fresh, cool ones. The next day, the swelling went down by half. Another day spent in much the same way for both of us saw the swelling gone completely.

Now, I aims to make some infusion for short memory loss and stuff . . . The leaves are safe, but not the roots. Like Susun Weed says.

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