Saturday, June 02, 2012

Curse of the Cobra's Kiss

Bennie blubbering and serving as Cordelia.
Our local academic institution put on a showing of Curse of the Cobra's Kiss featuring the Middle School students. It was a stellar performance. The director put a lot of time and attention into these young folks and it showed. Everyone did a fine job. The show was quite funny and entertaining. Bennie didn't have a huge role, but she enjoyed her time on the stage and before that, the crazy rehearsals. I hope she moves on to acting in High School next year.

As I don't possess waivers from every parent, I can only show pics of my daughter, but everyone was costumed perfectly and looked stunning. Even the Mummy.
"Dinner is served."

"The killer is here in this room . . ."

It's raining. The House Rooster stays dry.

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