Monday, June 25, 2012

are we alone yet?

Of course not, Silly! It's summer vacation and EVERYONE is home. Well, sort of. Some drifting Youths here and there ~ particularly if they have a car. Other Youths in their Man Caves. Bennie is the only one who joins me at the dining table to collage. The Man is at work.

I'm not doing SoulCollage® today. Instead, I'm trying to go a little deeper into the 8 Gates by making a large collage that will most likely include drawing, writings and painting. So far, there's the Funky Explorer Guy, a Pumpkin Seedling, a Shadow Guy, a Map, a Very Large Eye, a Very Small Black-Winged Angel, a couple of Gates, Kreatures from a Krampus night, a Circle of Stones and a Defiant Looking Girl with the words I am Powerful . . . All stuff of dreams and thresholds yet to pass over. I plan on moodling over this piece for a few days with pen, pencil and paint. It means we eat in front of the TV, but, hey! It's summer vacation and the rules have left the building.

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Ruth said...

The dining room table has always been my "go to" place for projects. I wonder if that's a universal?