Friday, May 25, 2012

tgif w/ a 4-day weekend

Birch leaf for Lone Birch.
When it gets to this time of year, I'm quite done with school and schedules. Peeps home on a Friday through to Monday for the national holiday is all well and good with me. There's rehearsal times to sweat for the Middle School play; other than that it's all pretty loose and groovy. Perfect for meandering through the studio at any odd hour that strikes me.

I started one of a few watercolors for a site logo. Lone Birch Farms is looking for a little site revamping and some photos for the Etsy. Some of my fiber work might make it in the mix so it's work in a couple of different avenues.

This morning's throw.
Time was spent with some stone casting. The more I play with this divination the more I understand how it reads. I've kept the amount of stones used to a certain minimum which makes the "sentences" elementary enough to decipher. Another month or so and I might be able to offer readings.

At another odd moment or two, I've been able to work on the Great Dawn painting adding more simple, repetitive, meditative, sublime wavy black lines. Keeps me off the streets . . . However, I should get myself outside for a little interaction with Nature. The Great Replenisher of Dried-Out Souls.

The golden sun rising from wavy black lines.

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