Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rainy day yoga with a rooster and a cat

I like my creature comforts. That is almost a literal statement. Yes, I enjoy hot running water, central heating and the sweet delights of an operational dishwasher. It's pleasing to my Animal Self to be warm at night and snuggle in with The Man at the end of long, interesting days. However, it's more than that. I like the Furred and Feathered Beings who live with us. Brownie is our occasional House Rooster. He is a Gentleman and is reasonably well house trained. (Before anyone cocks an uneasy eyebrow at having a chicken hanging out in the house, please take a moment to consider those who possess more expensive, less edible birds which also live in houses with humans ~ parrots, cockatoos, budgies . . . 'nough said.) All in all, everyone gets along here. I've had it said how my home is like the Animal Kingdom. To date no one here has eaten anyone else and, knock on wood, no one will. In fact, chickens have names as a precaution. Few would want to eat Garrison Soup (although, there are days).

The living room in our home is equipped with a large sliding glass door. I am able to have this door open and have an exchange with the Elements of the Day as I practice asanas. Today was rainy. Sun Salutations were filled with the perfume of wet, rain-soaked woods. Down Dog caught the passing breeze causing prayer flags to stir and the sweat on my brow to dry. I felt exalted in Half Moon Pose, stretching myself out like a star on its side, listening to the music of the rain.

During all this yoga activity, Piwaqit, joined me on the mat. She purred and stretched along side me as I reached into Head-to-Knee. She rolled to one side as I sat in Cobbler's Pose. Once in Lotus Pose, Pi lie down just behind me so that I could feel her "support" during the pose. Circling and watching was Brownie. His footfalls are heavier than he actually is ~ more like an ostrich walking around the house. When he runs across the house (of his own accord, not being chased) it sounds like what I'd imagine a House Faery might sound like doing the same thing. So. My House Brownie is Brownie, I guess.

Coming out of Savasana, I feel delicious. And my Animal Self was in good company while practicing. How sweet is that?

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Ruth said...

I have found cats to be particularly intuitive when it comes to sound healing, i.e., purring. And leaning. There is mutual comfort.