Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my misty mountain hop

A new haiku for the Haiku Tree.
A break in the early morning rain gave me the chance to enjoy a walk somewhat drier than anticipated. I love how Nature looks after a good soaking ~ the green leaves glow, the trees look black and the flowers are brighter. I get out to soak it all in. Let the drips come down upon my weary pate, let the mud soak my shoes. Most folks avoid low hanging leafy branches so as to stay dry. I let the leaves brush my brow, anointed with fresh rain drops and awareness.

Along the way, I got to thinking about Being What I Am Right Now and trying to be okay with it. Too many times, I'm concerned with not measuring up or figuring out what the Right Thing To Do is or even What To Do, period. And if Melvin Udall's enigmatic query rises unbidden in the mind (like a Resident Evil zombie) well . . . What then? I don't know that this walk clarified any of those questions, but it was good to get outside.
Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus) by the lake.

Yellow Flag landscape.

Moss and fern by the lake.

A close-up of fern.

Mist over the mountain.


And again to the South.

Nature's verdigris.

More greenery with stately stones.

The last leg of my walk was done bare foot.
As I've read time and again here, a Witch knows
hir land base. What better way than to be bare foot?


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Oh ~ it is delightful to come here ~ excellent photos and so serene ~ I have gotten distracted again with 'blog hops and numbers' ~ it isn't me and I need to get back on my 'blog path' ~ thanks for reminding me ~ namaste, ^_^

Ashling said...

How serene and beautiful. I am so enthralled with the mountains up this way I forget the lush beauty of the Hudson Highlands. Thanks for the peek!