Sunday, May 20, 2012

making the Everyday a religion

What a gift to wake up! Still breathing, seeing, hearing. Still able of body, sound of mind. To enjoy the sights of green trees while drawing water for tea. Honey and half 'n' half, warm tea bowl in hand. I walk in the fresh-mown lawn, bare feet greeting the Earth with every step. Salutations from the left and more Howdy's from the right. I delight in the budding-to-blooming peonies, the heather with the new green tips. It is a garden of our making. It is a random garden, wild and rambling, yet growing the Creature Comforts that soothe a soul ~ tomatoes and flowers.

What a gift to gather with the People in a home! Making vanilla and chocolate milk shakes. (Mine was vanilla with cinnamon, cardamom, honey and a drop or two of rose water.) Cajoling and joking and laughing. Imbibing sweet, thick, cold shakes in tall glasses. We have come together and now we go our separate ways to nap, to read, to walk the yard again and feel the sun.

Each morning is my prayer. Each meeting my Communion. Each evening a chance for Gratitude. My church is the Earth with a vaulted ceiling sky, the honeyed sun shining down, the pearled moon glowing in a net of stars. Everyday, I stand in Beauty.

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Ashling said...

I don't think that could have been more beautifully expressed...